Brian Rowen: A Leader in Corporate Development and Investment

Brian Rowen: A Leader in Corporate Development and Investment

Brian Rowen is a prominent figure in the corporate development and investment industry. With an impressive career spanning various roles and companies, Rowen has made significant contributions to the field. Currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer at Thiel Capital, he has also held key positions at Palantir Technologies and Fifth Down Capital. This article provides an in-depth analysis of Brian Rowen’s professional journey, highlighting his accomplishments and expertise.

Early Career and Rise to Prominence

Brian Rowen’s career began to take shape when he joined Palantir Technologies in July 2014 as the Head of Corporate Development. Palantir, a data analytics giant with high-profile clients such as the FBI and CIA, provided Rowen with a platform to showcase his skills in strategic decision-making and business development. During his tenure at Palantir, Rowen played a crucial role in expanding the company’s reach and influence in the industry.

Rowen’s success at Palantir led him to assume the position of Chief Operating Officer at Thiel Capital. Thiel Capital, an investment firm founded by Peter Thiel, recognized Rowen’s exceptional abilities and entrusted him with key responsibilities. As the COO, Rowen oversees various aspects of the firm’s operations, contributing to its growth and success.

Expertise in Corporate Development

Rowen’s expertise in corporate development is evident from his track record. His role as the Head of Corporate Development at Palantir Technologies allowed him to develop a deep understanding of the industry and hone his skills in identifying strategic opportunities for growth. Through his leadership, Palantir was able to forge partnerships with government agencies and expand its client base.

Furthermore, Rowen’s experience at Thiel Capital has further solidified his reputation as a skilled corporate development professional. His ability to identify promising investment opportunities and guide the firm’s investment strategy has been instrumental in Thiel Capital’s success. Rowen’s strategic insights and business acumen have made him a valuable asset in the world of corporate development.

Entrepreneurial Ventures and Philanthropy

In addition to his corporate roles, Brian Rowen has also demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit. He founded Propeller, a mobile software startup, which was later acquired by Palantir Technologies in 2014. This venture showcased Rowen’s ability to identify market gaps and create innovative solutions to address them.

Rowen’s commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond his professional endeavors. As the President and Managing Partner at Fifth Down Capital, he plays a pivotal role in driving the firm’s investment strategy and supporting promising startups. This involvement reflects Rowen’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs and fostering innovation.


Brian Rowen’s journey in the corporate development and investment industry is a testament to his exceptional skills and expertise. From his early days at Palantir Technologies to his current role as the COO of Thiel Capital, Rowen has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive growth and make strategic decisions. His entrepreneurial ventures and philanthropic efforts further highlight his commitment to making a positive impact. As Brian Rowen continues to make significant contributions to the industry, his influence is likely to be felt for years to come.

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