Companies that had their IPO in 2012

Companies that had their IPO in 2012

The year 2012 witnessed a significant number of initial public offerings (IPOs) by various companies across different sectors. While some IPOs were highly successful, others faced challenges in the volatile market conditions. This article aims to provide an in-depth analysis of some notable companies that went public in 2012, exploring their performance and impact on the market.

1. VIPS: A Remarkable Success

One of the top-performing IPOs of 2012 was Vipshop Holdings Limited (VIPS)[1]. VIPS, a Chinese online discount retailer, went public on March 22, 2012. The company’s shares soared by an impressive 154% since its IPO, making it the best performing IPO of the year[1]. VIPS’s success can be attributed to its strong growth in the Chinese e-commerce market and its ability to attract customers with discounted products.

2. Proto Labs: Overcoming Pricing Challenges

Proto Labs (PRLB), a provider of rapid manufacturing services, also had a notable IPO in 2012[1]. Despite pricing above its expected range, Proto Labs managed to perform well in the market. The company’s ability to deliver high-quality prototypes and low-volume production parts quickly attracted investors[1]. This demonstrates the demand for efficient manufacturing solutions in various industries.

3. The Carlyle Group: A Private Equity Giant Goes Public

The Carlyle Group, L.P., a renowned private equity firm, filed for an IPO in September 2011 and went public in 2012[2]. The company aimed to raise up to $100 million in securities[2]. The Carlyle Group’s decision to go public was significant as it allowed the firm to access public markets and diversify its investor base. This move also provided an opportunity for investors to participate in the firm’s future growth.

4. ServiceNow: Revolutionizing IT Operations

ServiceNow, a cloud-based software solution provider, had a successful IPO in 2012[4]. The company’s first public offering raised $209.7 million in shares, listing on the New York Stock Exchange as “NOW”[4]. ServiceNow assists businesses in automating and streamlining their IT operations and workflow. The company’s IPO showcased the growing demand for cloud-based solutions and its potential to transform traditional IT processes.


The year 2012 witnessed several notable IPOs, with companies like VIPS, Proto Labs, The Carlyle Group, and ServiceNow making a significant impact on the market. These IPOs demonstrated the diverse range of industries and sectors that went public during this period. While some companies experienced remarkable success, others faced challenges in pricing and market conditions. Overall, the IPOs of 2012 reflected the evolving landscape of the global economy and the increasing investor interest in innovative and disruptive companies.

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