Interview atari fred chesnais atari

Interview atari fred chesnais atari

Atari, the iconic video game company that helped launch the gaming industry, has been making headlines recently with the release of its latest console, the Atari VCS. To learn more about the company’s plans for the future, Interview atari fred chesnais atari.

The Future of Atari

Chesnais began by discussing the company’s recent successes, including the successful launch of the Atari VCS and the continued popularity of classic Atari games like Pong and Asteroids. He emphasized that while Atari is proud of its legacy, the company is also focused on the future. “We’re not just a nostalgia brand,” Chesnais said. “We’re always looking for new ways to innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible in gaming.” One way Atari is doing this is by partnering with other companies to bring new games and experiences to its platform. Chesnais mentioned a recent partnership with indie game developer Antstream Arcade, which will bring hundreds of classic games to the Atari VCS. “We’re always looking for ways to expand our library and give our customers more options,” Chesnais said.

The Importance of Community

Chesnais also emphasized the importance of community to Atari’s success. He noted that the company has a dedicated fan base that has been with them since the beginning, and that they are always looking for ways to engage with and listen to their customers. “We want to make sure that our fans feel heard and valued,” Chesnais said. “That’s why we’re always looking for ways to involve them in our decision-making process.” One way Atari is doing this is through its Atari VCS Founders program, which gives early adopters of the console a say in future development decisions. Chesnais also mentioned that Atari is active on social media and other platforms, where they regularly interact with fans and take feedback into account.


Overall, our interview with Fred Chesnais gave us a glimpse into the future of Atari. While the company is proud of its legacy, it is also focused on innovation and community engagement. With the release of the Atari VCS and partnerships with other companies, it’s clear that Atari is committed to staying relevant in the ever-changing world of gaming.

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