Nayya ai 11m ventureswiggersventurebeat

Nayya ai 11m ventureswiggersventurebeat

Nayya ai 11m ventureswiggersventurebeat, an insurtech startup, has raised $11 million in a Series A funding round led by Felicis Ventures and joined by existing investors, including Social Leverage and Guardian Life Insurance. The company plans to use the funds to expand its team and accelerate product development.


Nayya’s platform uses artificial intelligence to help employees make better decisions about their benefits packages. The platform analyzes data from various sources, including insurance carriers and healthcare providers, to provide personalized recommendations to employees based on their individual needs. The company’s CEO, Sina Chehrazi, stated that Nayya’s goal is to “make benefits simple and accessible for everyone.” He added that the company’s platform is designed to help employees understand their benefits options and make informed decisions about their healthcare.

Nayya’s platform also provides employers with insights into their benefits programs, allowing them to optimize their offerings and reduce costs. The platform can identify areas where employees may be over- or under-insured and recommend changes to improve coverage and reduce costs. The company has already partnered with several major insurance carriers, including Aetna, Cigna, and UnitedHealthcare, to provide its platform to their customers. Nayya has also partnered with several benefits brokers and consultants to offer its platform to their clients.


Nayya’s AI-powered platform is poised to disrupt the employee benefits industry by providing personalized recommendations to employees and insights to employers. With its recent funding round, the company is well-positioned to expand its team and accelerate product development. As more employers look for ways to improve their benefits programs and reduce costs, Nayya’s platform could become an essential tool for both employees and employers.

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