A PERFORMANCE REVIEW MEETING had been scheduled, a senior BCCI official had earlier on Saturday disclosed.

A PERFORMANCE REVIEW MEETING had been scheduled, a senior BCCI official had earlier on Saturday disclosed.

The BCCI will invite coach Rahul Dravid, captain Rohit Sharma, and former captain Virat Kohli to the meeting. The BCCI Secretary will convene the meeting, which will discuss and evaluate the Indian team’s dismal performance.

“They will meet with us soon. The semifinal’s events stunned us; unquestionably, revisions are required. But no decision would be made without taking into account their point of view. The top BCCI official informed InsideSport that when choosing the future course of action for the Indian T20 squad, the perspectives of Rohit, Rahul, and Virat would be taken into account.

India’s T20 World Cup performance evaluation of the team?

According to information provided by InsideSport, the BCCI is not particularly pleased with the work of the selection committee chaired by Chetan Sharma. Additionally, their performance will be assessed, and Chetan will probably be replaced.

Uncertainty exists regarding the Chairman of the Selection Committee’s invitation to the Performance Review meeting.

Are elderly people being ejected? The next T20 World Cup will be held in 2024, with the West Indies and the United States serving as hosts. The majority of the squad’s seniors will eventually retire, according to BCCI.

According to the BCCI official, TEAM INDIA is more significant to them than any one particular player “

Concerning the people, we are unconcerned. They are able to pick up their own phone. The cricket performance of Team India is concerning. The events that took place in ENGLAND and the ongoing KNOCKOUTS must come to an end. All of our decisions will be based on the idea of stopping this KNOCKOUT ROT.

Who might be kicked out of the T20 setup from the Indian team?

With an average age of 30.6, the Indian team at the T20 World Cup was among the oldest in the field.

The oldest player, Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Dinesh Karthik, was 37 and certainly played his last international match.

R.Ashwin is another individual who is unlikely to join the T20 TEAM.

Some players, including Mohammed Shami (35), Bhuvaneshwar Kumar (32), and Virat Kohli (33), may be confused.

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