How To Check Your Eligibility For PR In Canada

How To Check Your Eligibility For PR In Canada

When it comes to choosing the best country, your answer depends on what basis it is best? Whether it’s financially stable, how frequent climate changes are, or the standard of living, these factors define the country.

Many surveys have unveiled their findings on which country people view as the best; then, almost every report claims that Canada is the best country to live in and call home.

If you plan to settle in Canada, you must have heard about Permanent Residency in Canada. It is a type of immigration status in Canada where you hold legal rights and abilities. This article will discuss the requirements and eligibility for Canada PR and all the concerning factors.

Before this, let us discuss the benefits of being PR in Canada:

Job Opportunities:

Canada is one of the world’s biggest economies. The job opportunities in Canada have been rising over the past few years. Canada’s unemployment rate is meager, which means there are many jobs available in Canada. It is one of the main reasons Canada welcomes immigrants every year; otherwise, there would be no one to fill the positions.

Free Medical and Health Care Treatment

As a permanent resident in Canada, you can access free health care benefits in Canada. Canada offers permanent residents top health care services, and they do not need to spend even a single penny.

High-Quality Education for Free

The Canadian government provides free education to all children under 18, and it is free for primary and secondary school education till the Canadian high school diploma.

It is one of the Safest Countries.

The Canadian government assures you that your family will be secure in Canada as permanent residents.

Social Services and Social Security Benefits

The Canadian government invests in its residents’ social services and social security. Citizens and PRs can use various schemes, including subsidies, basic pension, tax benefits for families, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, etc.

As a PR, you can live and work freely, anywhere in Canada, with permanent residence in Canada as you are legally authorized. You can change your job quickly, move to another place, and sponsor your family members. So let us now discuss how to know if you are eligible for PR in Canada. For this, you must have the following documents required for Canada PR.

Work and Live Anywhere freely.

Work permits are employer-specific, so when you change jobs in Canada, you must apply for another work permit. When you become a permanent resident of Canada, you can freely live and work anywhere in the country. Programs, such as the Provincial Nomination Program, help you live and work in the province you are nominated for permanent residency. It helps ensure that provinces and territories select only qualified candidates. After a year or less, you can take up residence anywhere in the country.

You can travel when you become a Permanent Resident.

Once you have your Canadian permanent residency, crossing the border becomes easier as you can move freely. Also, the options for other countries are open when you hold a Canadian status.

Nobody can take your Permanent Residence status.

When the higher authorities give a clean chit, there are the chances that authorities will not pull off your status as a permanent resident of Canada from you. If you stay at least two years out of every five in Canada and remain in the country for at least one year, your status remains unchanged.

It Lowers your Education Costs.

Whether you’re looking to improve your credentials or want your child to stand in the competitive job market, there is no better place than Canada’s colleges and universities. Indian students may qualify for immigration and work permits upon graduation, depending on their country of origin!

Eligibility for Canada PR:

  • You have to score between 67 to 100 points, and the Canadian government should list your work experience according to the demand list in Canada.
  • You need to have a minimum of 7 bands in the IELTS exam.
  • You need to maintain funds in your account and provide essential papers such as employment letters, education, and Language.

Essential Factors that will Decide your Eligibility for Canada PR:

  • Age: If your age is between 18 and 35 years, you will have to score 12 out of 12 points.
  • Education: The higher your degree, the higher the chances of getting a higher score. You have to secure a maximum of 25 points for a doctorate-level degree.
  • Work Experience: If you have professional work experience of 6 or more years, then you have to score a maximum of 15 points for work experience.
  • Language Proficiency: You have to score a maximum of 28 points for the language proficiency aspect by scoring well on the language test.
  • Adaptability: If any of your family members, such as your sibling or a close relative, who is currently living in Canada, can also earn an extra 10 points. Your spouse or common-law partners’ studies and past work experience in Canada are also considered.
  • Job Offer: An arranged LMIA-approved employment offer letter in Canada can help you score additional 10 points.

After checking your eligibility, if you are interested in getting Canada PR you can connect with India’s most trusted Canadian Immigration and Visa Consultant, Achintya. They are one of India’s best Canadian Immigration Consultancy and will help you through the entire step-by-step Canada PR process that facilitates you to make more informed decisions, proficiency, etc. For More

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