SPC Group: A Leading South Korean Food Company

SPC Group: A Leading South Korean Food Company

SPC Group is a prominent South Korean food company known for its production of bread, confectionery, and other bakery products. With subsidiaries such as Samlip General Food, Shany, Paris Baguette, and BR Korea, SPC Group has established a strong presence in the food industry. Additionally, the company operates catering centers and franchise brands in the United States, China, Vietnam, and Singapore .

1. Diverse Product Portfolio

SPC Group boasts a diverse product portfolio that caters to various consumer preferences. The company’s bread and confectionery products are renowned for their high quality and taste. Paris Baguette, one of SPC Group’s subsidiaries, is particularly popular for its wide range of freshly baked bread and pastries. The brand has gained a loyal customer base both domestically and internationally .

In addition to its bakery products, SPC Group also offers catering services. These services cater to events such as weddings, corporate functions, and parties. The company’s commitment to providing high-quality food and exceptional service has made it a preferred choice for many customers.

2. Expansion into International Markets

SPC Group has successfully expanded its operations beyond South Korea. The company has established franchise brands in the United States, China, Vietnam, and Singapore. This international expansion has allowed SPC Group to tap into new markets and reach a wider customer base.

One of the notable franchise brands under SPC Group is Paris Baguette. With over 4,000 stores worldwide, Paris Baguette has become a global brand known for its delicious pastries and bread. The brand’s success in international markets showcases SPC Group’s ability to adapt to different cultural preferences and deliver products that resonate with consumers.

3. Spin-off of Shake Shack Franchise

SPC Group recently made headlines with its decision to spin off its successful Shake Shack burger franchise operations in Korea. The company established a separate entity named Big Bite Company to oversee the Shake Shack business unit. This move was approved during a temporary shareholders’ meeting by SPC Paris Croissant, a subsidiary of SPC Group.

The spin-off reflects SPC Group’s strategic approach to managing its diverse portfolio of brands. By creating a distinct entity for Shake Shack, the company aims to enhance the focus and growth potential of this popular burger franchise. This decision demonstrates SPC Group’s commitment to adapting to market dynamics and optimizing its business operations.

4. Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

SPC Group actively engages in corporate social responsibility initiatives. The company launched a donation campaign called “Let’s Give Gi-bu (Donation)” based on goods donated by its employees. This campaign aims to support various charitable causes and make a positive impact on society .

Furthermore, SPC Group organized an award ceremony and exhibition for the Coffee Sack Upcycle Design Contest. This initiative promotes sustainability by encouraging participants to repurpose coffee sacks creatively. By recognizing and showcasing innovative designs, SPC Group highlights its commitment to environmental consciousness .


SPC Group is a leading South Korean food company that has made significant contributions to the bakery and confectionery industry. With its diverse product portfolio, international expansion, strategic spin-offs, and commitment to corporate social responsibility, SPC Group continues to thrive in a competitive market. As the company continues to innovate and adapt to changing consumer preferences, it is poised for further success in the global food industry.

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